Does Horseshoe Canyon Ranch offer hourly trail rides? We do not.  The horses are used for our guests that have purchased our all inclusive guest ranch package.

Is there a weight limit? Yes, the weight limit to ride at HCR is 250 lbs.  This is for the safety of the rider and horse.  Because most of the terrain in NW Arkansas is rocky and hilly we must limit the weight of our riders.

Is there an age limit? Yes, we allow children that are 6 years old and up to go out on the trails if they are able to take direction from our wranglers/trail guides. For children  3-5 we offer the children program where they they have the chance to be lead around on a pony and do other activities during the regular trail rides.

Are there any galloping rides? We do not have any galloping rides, but we do allow trotting & loping in designated spots on certain trail rides.  Not all the trails we have are designed to go faster on.  We also offer arena time throughout the week.

How long are the trail rides? Trail rides generally go out twice a day (after breakfast & after lunch) and last around an hour.  We do have a few rides that are longer that are offered throughout the week.

What is the terrain like? NW Arkansas is known for it’s hills,  on our rides you will encounter hills some moderate some steep, there will be creek crossing,  you will ride through hardwoods and on pasture, some sections will be rocky and others smooth.  We have a little bit of everything.

If I am an advanced rider will I enjoy the trails? We have found that most advanced riders do enjoy our trails, they are scenic and some of the rides have sections where if you are use to riding mostly on the flat, pasture, or in the arena you will find the trail challenging.

We encounter different levels of riders here at HCR, beginners to advanced.  No matter what level these 5 riding tips from Black Ranges Mountain ranch of NM will help you enjoy your time in the saddle a little more.  Click here to check the tips out!