Just before spring break hits and guests start coming in we welcomed back Tyson/SVI.  This is their 3rd year to hold their “team building” at the ranch. They are such a great group to work with and we really enjoying having them every time they visit.

The first challenge...

Mike explaining things.

The winners of the challenge got to ride in the wagon down to the ranch. The rest of the teams had to hike.

Our staff and children. Tember, Jason and Cole where the guides for the teams.

Barry talking about the ranch before the trail ride.

Lea our "German Cowgirl". She said I shouldn't take her photo because she looked like a "durf". We finally figured out she meant a dwarf like on Snow White.

Barry explaining the in's and out's of the trail ride experience. The how's, why's and what for.

Cowboy Cody demonstrating it.

Thanks for coming and see you again next year!