I have fallen way behind on our blog and I apologize. I went out of town for 12 days to UT a bit ago and then we have just been busy having a great summer season… I have a few photos below of the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

We borrowed Keith from his climbing job to help out with some pony rides. I don’t remember a time when we had so many children’s program in one week.
Zoey & Alley enjoying conversation.
Alexis riding Murk.
Sara hanging out with Bishop.
Scott giving some instruction to the riders in the arena.
Snicklefritz – new dude horse prospect we purchased back in March.
Jake & Hondo
Mike on Ricky Bobby & Morgan on Gus
Gillian or is it Jillian – I know I spelled it wrong – sorry but I do know she is on Trigger and that is spelled correct.
Shannon and Molly
Steak Cook-out.
Jennifer, did you save any for anyone else?
Jan sporting an awesome belt buckle.
Melvin – the real deal. He is a very accomplished blacksmith – Thank you for sending the video to Cody about the trade. He has been studying and now he wants some blacksmith tools.
The end of the day…