Flower “parked” outside of the lodge.
Thanksgiving day was great. We could not have asked for better weather (65 and not a cloud in the sky). Chris, with some help from her visiting family, prepared a delecious traditional Thanksgiving meal. Along with all the regular turkey day deserts, Barry made one of the best french silk pies we have had in a long time. We enjoyed the company of the Simpsons, a family of four, who drove in from Houston, TX, the Johnsons (unrelated), family of four, who traveled from Pineville, LA along with Chris’s family who came from TX and her mother from Germany and of course Martha and Jerry Johnson (really related).

Chris’s mother and daughter making dessert.

Morgan cutting up limes for a keylime pie

We got out the “fancy” stuff for dinner.

This is Jerry Johnson taking a “practice” nap – we had not had dinner yet.

Sierra with Grandma Johnson.

Chris finishing the gravy.

Johnny testing the deep fried turkey.

Snacks to tied us over before the big meal.

Jerry woke up to carve some turkey.

Martha and Cameron visiting.

Almost ready.

Barry getting the ham ready.

We are thankful for the oppurtunity to own and run the ranch, for all the great people we meet that feel like family when they leave.