Zip Lining

During the summer of 2012, we had the pleasure of Introducing “Iron Horse”, the Highest, fastest, longest zip-line in Arkansas. It is one of the top zip lines in North America. It is nearly a half mile long and with a vertical drop of 277’ and top speeds of over 50mph, it is a heart pounding and yet very smooth, comfortable experience.  You will sail 2300’ over the beautiful Canyon towards the main lodge. At one point you will be over 300’ above the valley floor. Don’t forget to open your eyes!
Not sure if you are ready for the Iron Horse?  No problem.  You can start out on the 600’ “Pony Express” to warm you up.  A perfect trainer zip line for those that want to ease in to adventure.

The Screamer

The Screamer, aka Quick Jump is a free-fall device with a pre-engineered drop of around 20′.  Just when you think you have breathed your last, it catches you and slowly lowers you the remaining 30′ to the platform below. Click here for other things to do.