It’s easy to work up a big appetite at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. If the riding and climbing don’t do it, then the zip lines, hiking, or rappelling sure will. No one goes hungry at Horseshoe Canyon. The kitchen staff know fresh air stimulates the appetite, and prepares accordingly.  Our hearty, gourmet dude ranch dining will do much more than fill you up.

The smell of baking biscuits and roasted coffee lures guests to the lodge each morning. Breakfast is served buffet style, you may choose to start the day with a hearty “stick to your ribs” breakfast to hold you ’til lunch or fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola for the not-so-big eaters. One special morning during your stay, wake at daybreak, mount up and ride to a cowboy breakfast where the staff are busy grilling smoked ham and dutch-oven potatoes.

High noon means time for lunch and back to the lodge to enjoy a meal while swapping tales of the latest ranch adventure. Lunch is served buffet style, allowing guests to choose their portions, and favorites.

The Dining in the evening is a little more upscale, with the Chef  serving up everything from steaks and grilled mahi mahi to chicken parmesan and barbecue.

The meals are kid friendly too with a breakfast bar, salad bar and a bottomless cookie jar. Lemonade, iced tea and fresh fruit are available throughout the day in the main lodge.  With advance notice, we  attempt to accommodate those with special dietary needs or allergies.

What Guests Have to Say About Our Dude Ranch Dining

“The food was great. The Meals at the Ranch were among the best my husband and I have ever had. On nights where the selections were not as inspiring for younger members of my family, there were always hot dogs or chicken tenders available. The lodge was always open, with fruit, cookies, pb&j, water, lemonade and tea or coffee available. Despite the constant movement, none of us went home with our clothing looser!”


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