Hello all!  We heard some good news from the Governor last week!  He has lifted the restrictions for out of state recreational travel.  That means if you have a reservation for the Ranch this summer, and you are allowed to leave your house, you can come on down and we will be ready!  Our wonderful staff is raring to go!

We hope you have weathered this storm and are healthy and well.  We have made several changes to the way we operate; both to keep you and our staff healthy and provide the level of service and quality experience you have come to expect at Horseshoe Canyon. We would like to share an overview of some of the changes we have made.  We have provided our team with additional training, including proper use of personal protective equipment, disinfectant training, and social distancing protocols.  Sanitizing stations will be out in front of the Lodge and at the Barn.  For guests, the restrooms in the Lodge will be designated for hand washing only, with the doors remaining open.  The Barn restroom and your cabins of course are available for your use.

We are adjusting the way we provide meals.  Kitchen staff will be screened and checked for fever daily.  All staff are to stay home if showing any flulike symptoms, and paid sick days will be granted.  Kitchen staff will be masked and gloved when preparing and serving food.  There will no longer be self- serve anything.  We still have unlimited cookies; we just keep them in the back now :).   The seating will be spread out and families will need to stay together; (no more kid swaps).  Guests 10 yrs.  old and over are required to bring masks with them.  They will not be provided.  You are only required to wear them in the Lodge, when not eating.  You are encouraged to wear them whenever social distancing is difficult.  The Staff will eat at a different time for the immediate future.

Clean comfortable cabins have always been a priority, but additional and more frequent disinfecting of doorknobs, and other frequently contacted areas has been instituted.
Group sizes for activities may be limited.  Family groups should be able exempt from this requirement.  Masks will be worn by staff, when its impractical, or impossible to maintain social distancing guidelines.

We are so happy to be able to do what we love.  Some of these changes are difficult for us, but we are adjusting to this new normal, knowing it’s a small inconvenience for the safety and peace of mind it provides.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email info@gohcr.com, or call and talk to Jaime or I at the office.  800-480-9635.

Kindest regards,
Barry Johnson