So you have thought to yourself, “Would a dude ranch be a good place to hold a family reunion?”.  And of course our answer would be “YES”!  A little bias maybe but here are the reasons we think you should consider it:

1. No planning.  Okay, you do have to plan when you want your reunion and how everyone is going to get here but after that it’s a snap.  The activities are all ready figured out.

Traditional dude ranch activity: Trail riding.

No so traditional dude ranch activity: High adventure – walking the cable bridge.

2. No cooking or meal plans to work out with one another.  That in itself if worth it’s weight in gold.  I say that because when we have had the Johnson Family reunion we all had to take turns making meals for the group.  If your group is large, that is not always easy.  We ended up making pizza by ordering on the phone.  Martha was not too thrilled.

Grandfather, son, grandsons and nephews.


3. There is something for everyone.  Horseback riding to rock climbing to canoeing to zip lines to just sitting on the porch enjoying a good book.  It is not uncommon when you get your family together that they all don’t like the same thing.  It’s okay, we have it covered.

Sisters with their granddaughters.

4.  Everything is included in one price.  Other than some souvenirs or snacks from our Trading Company there are no extra charges.

So if you have been wondering if this kind of vacation would make for a good family reunion, again we say “YES!”

Son and Father. It’s a great way to get reconnected with family.