The 2011 season is over for the most part (there is still one more chance to book a ranch vacation this year – the week of Thanksgiving!) and we decided a staff trail ride on the Buffalo National River  would be fun.

All loaded up and ready to go.

When I said we "all" thought it would be fun, well Morgan (climbing guide) might not have thought it would be fun. But he was a good sport and came. Cody Johnson, also might not have thought it would be fun but trail riding meant missing school.

The plan was for everyone to go to the other side of the river and take a group photo. If you notice the wet pant legs on Cody and Barry... the rest decided not to follow.

Just imagine 6 other riders on that rock bank and how cool it would have looked. 🙂

Time to come back. The water wasn't too bad but the weather was not exactly swimming temps.

Oops, found an even deeper spot.

The Peanut Gallery.

Barry's turn to make his way back across.

Getting ready to get his legs wet, again.

We stopped at a place that is called The Suck Hole to eat snacks, and for some of us, dry off. This location got it's name because there is place under the bluff where the water is "sucked" under the rock and comes out further down the river on the other side.

Morgan climbing. He almost was the third person to get wet in the river when he couldn't find any holds to climb back up. Fortunately he finally found his way.

Missing two family members. Creed is a little two young for this length of a ride and Cameron is a responsible child and didn't want to miss school due to homework load.

Jason getting some R & R before we finish out last two miles.

Thank you to our 2011 staff for such a great year!