Getting ready.

When we started out in the dude ranch business we were very traditional in our activities. We had horseback riding, cookouts, hikes, fishing, tomahawk throwing and canoeing. As the years have gone by nontraditional dude ranch activities have made their way to our schedule, rappelling, rock climbing and the via feratta. This year is no exception. We now have a new feature that most of you would know as “the screamer”. Quite a few amusement parks have them, ours may not be as high but it is just as much fun and quite unique as it is built from bluff walls and a tree. Name ideas have been suggested on what we should call ours, Cody Johnson said we should call it “The Pants Polluter”. Whatever we call it, it’s a lot of fun and you should come and try it.

Here is a video of our kids trying it out in the beginning. Quite a few modifications have happened since.