When Barry and I worked at the Heart Six Ranch in Moran Wyoming (where we met), it seemed almost every steak cookout it would rain.  All week long the weather would be warm and blue skies, picture perfect you might say but for some reason when the cookout day would roll around so would the dark thunder clouds.  Here at Horseshoe Canyon we will go through the same thing for a brief period of time.  It’s almost like mother nature is playing games.

Two groups of horse back riders and a wagon full of people had headed out for the cookout site.  The third ride was about to get on it’s way when the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance.  The group in the wagon, who had stopped at the lodge on it’s way to it’s destination, all decided they were not having a cookout due to the thunder and the rain drops that had started to fall.  When Barry returned to head on out the wagon was empty.  Shortly to follow the two groups of trail riders retreated to the barn where guests and wranglers stripped saddles before the rain really hit.  Horses were unsaddled and turned loose in record time.  Thanks everyone. 🙂

So the cookout became a cook-in.  The food tastes equally as good and the company the same, you just are not eating it in the great outdoors.

The abandoned wagon.

Morgan serving the Mahi Mahi

Kate Star and her youth group. This is her 5th year to bring a group like this to the ranch.

A farewell photo.

At the end of the week many families have become friends.  E-mails and phone numbers are exchanged and sometimes plans are made to come back the next year at the same time.  We love this job.