Last spring if you all remember we awaited a foal to be born.  Several late nights thinking that it was the night and then finally when I had almost given up Thistle was born.  She is now a year old and has gotten so big.  She is a funny girl, not much bothers her at all and we look forward to starting her under saddle next spring.  We do have plans to take Flower, her dam, back to the breeders in hopes for a brother or sister to match her.


We didn’t have any foals born this year but we had plenty of babies to make up for it.  Ookii and Joe, our Anatolian Shepherds, gave us another litter of puppies April 6, 2011.

Ten total: 3 boys and 7 girls

They grow so fast. They are being raised with a couple of goats and are well socialized. We had a couple of guests take one home last year. You know you want one. 🙂

A close contender for the cutest baby animal on the ranch is our litter of pigs that we born the first part of April.

Can you stand it?! They are a miniature kind so they won't get too big. They are not quite as excited to be loved on like the puppies.

Of course we can’t forget that we had a whole slew of baby goats born starting in May and a few in April (Close to 175).

It doesn't take them long to start climbing on the rocks like their mothers.


Other news, Lightening George turned three this year.  Last year wrangler, Jennifer Hoover, started him and had him out on several trail rides.  This year Cowboy Cody has started riding him to keep him on track to becoming a trail horse in our dude string (we hope) one day.

All of our horses have to cross water willingly.

George has really bloomed since I purchased him a year ago at the sale barn. He was still a stud and kind of thin, but had a good disposition.

He has the right attitude for a potential "dude" horse. Even though he is quite and willing he is still young so he will need to be ridden by a wrangler for quite some time before he can be part of our string. Most horses are not worthy until the age of 5 years old.

On a sad note Winnie past away this spring.  We were sad to see her go but we knew her time was coming.  We will miss you Winnie.

Winnie was a good dog. You will be missed.

The rest of the dog clan is doing well. Puzz has a new hang out spot up on the porch at the Trading Post since Aaron left the ranch last year.  I think it’s because the dog feeder is set out there every day and it gets the most traffic for him to get attention.


Joe and Mischief the goat dogs are doing well.  Mischief is still fat as ever. I don’t think she could chase down a possum if her life depended on it.  I guess it happens as you get older.  lol.

Chili the wonder dog is still running around barking at the other dogs and keeping them in  line.  She is not quite as excited to help herd the horses in anymore but gets in trouble all the time for chasing the goats.  Bad Chili. She is a favorite of many.

Chili - the bossiest and naughtiest dog on the ranch but one of the most liked by all.

The horses: We are always adding and taking away (the ones that don’t work or are burned out) trail horses.  It is a never ending adventure finding and keeping just the right horses for the job.  I don’t think we will ever not be buying a horse to see if he will work out.  We head off to Tulsa next month (again) to sell two and try and find a couple more good ones.

Ricky Bobby taking a break in between rides.

Some how we always end up with a lot of bays. It is always fun for the new wranglers to try and figure which bay is which.

So there you have it, all of the critters are doing well.  Come and see us so you can touch, pet and cuddle them all for yourselves.