This spring break season we have had the craziest of weather.  It is something to be expected during this time of the year, but snow?  On March 21, 2010 we received 12 inches of snow!  The guests from the following week that were scheduled to depart on Sunday woke up to a white winter wonderland.  The guests that were arriving that day were a bit surprised when they  reached their final destination because down in Jasper there was not a flake from what I understand.  Our elevation was just enough to trigger a snow storm.

Monday we all woke up to a beautiful blue sky.  I would have never guessed that we would have a snow ride in the spring, but we did.  It was very beautiful.  It made you feel like you were riding in Wyoming or somewhere out west.  The temps were quickly rising and by the end of the day the snow was pretty much gone.

Kids arena ride: trotting = bouncing = laughter

After the breakfast cookout we head up to "Goat Cave" for a climbing demo. Jason is our climbing guide. Alison is wrangler/climber.

The goats started kidding (again)

In the spring there is an opportunity  to go hiking through our ravine to see the many pools and waterfalls.  You feel like you have stepped into another world at times.

Exploring a small cavern.

Barry and Cameron Johnson - goofing off.

Taking a break just before the Steak Cookout ride...

Chili the "mad" dog has been on the ranch for quite some time. Marlin, the wonder puppy, joined our family in Jan. He thinks that he and Chili should/will be friends. I have my doubts this will ever happen, but he keeps trying. Chili's bark is worse than her bite.

We have families come from all over...this week just happened to be Little Rock, AR spring break. A lot of the families knew each other but did not realize they would be vacationing in the same place. They all had a great time together.

Turkey hunting talk at the cookout.

Steak Cookout Grub!

The Three Amigos!

Barry and Sierra Johnson