It is hard to believe that we finished the 2009  ranch season 4 months ago and we are now starting our 2010 with spring break all ready.  Winter seemed so long while it was happening, with all the extreme cold and snowy days.  We had more snow this year since we purchased the property for the ranch.  The “old timers” down in Jasper said this winter was the snowiest they had ever seen. Now that that is behind us (keep your fingers crossed) we look forward for the 2010 season, and what an excellent first week we had to kick it off.  We saw many familiar faces and made friends with new ones.  When it was time to go, there were a few tears and lots of hugs.  We hope that many of you will return.

(Being a wrangler and trying to take photos of everyone does not always work out the way I want… I was not able to get photos of everyone. Feel free to send me your photos!  I can add them to the blog when I get them.)

Breakfast Cookout Ride

The cookout site.

Ham and eggs always taste that much better when eaten outside.

Getting ready to head out on the trail.

Arena Time: Where you can try your riding skills at a faster pace.

One of the 19 goats that were born this week.

Some of the guests helping herd goats into a pen so we could use the arena.

Even though our guest ranch season has started projects must still go on. Barry & Glen working on fence.

Barry Johnson

Hochie and our retired dudeo goat sharing some spilled grain.

While we were entering the arena through one of the pens, to Patti's surprise, Gus picked up this bucket and would not put it down. I think he was trying to tell us something.

Crazy Kids: I will admit that more than half of these children have the last name "Johnson". Hmmm.....

Brrrrrr...the pool is not heated or ready for swimming. Hey, that might be a Johnson.

...and back to the hot tub. Maybe we should call this the HCR Polar Bear Club.

Saying our good byes. I do believe this is Kathleen and her families fourth visit to the ranch.