Here at Horseshoe Canyon you know we raise goats.  Barry said we needed more goats so we purchased 50 Spanish goats the end of  last summer from Texas and then another big group of Kiko goats from a friend and breeder in KS in late fall.  About 20 of the Kiko’s were bred to kid out in January and February.  Yes, the winter months.  As luck would have it, this was one of our coldest and snowiest winters we have ever seen in this area.  So the kidding began.  At one point it was so cold at night for the newborns we had to bring them and their mothers into our garage, yes I said garage.  Do I recommend this, no not really, but when it is deciding between live newborn kids or goatcicles – well you choose the garage and worry about the mess later.  Fortunately  not all of the goats had to check into our garage.  We ended up with 46 kids and a very small loss.   We are  now look forward to our regular kidding season that begins in a few days and continues on until the end of May.