As some of you know Flower is expecting. She is due May 6, 2010 give or take a day or two. She was bred to Sinatra Red Skipper (a.k.a Pino) – a Quarter Horse who is a perlino. She is an excellent mother and we thought it would be nice to breed her one last time – Flower is 17 years old this year. Here babies are always full of personality and have all been painted like her. We are hoping for a colt (to make a gelding)…keep your fingers crosses, she has always had fillies in the past.
Here you can see her belly is getting bigger…
These two photos you can see how her belly is starting to expand and stick out on the sides.
We plan on updating Flower,s progress from time to time. As with all livestock sometimes pregnancies don’t work out, but Flower has carried three foals without any problems in the past, we really don’t expect anything different from her.