Last week Horseshoe Canyon Ranch held their first Dudeo! What’s a dudeo you ask? You can get an idea from the photos but you need to experience it to really get the feel for it. It was a lot of fun!
Hayden, Kevin & Sierra waiting for instruction.
Cameron explaining some rules to Michelle and Kevin.
Creed try to put his arm around Hannah for a picture but she was not having it.
Cheer planning.
Aaron getting ready to shoot the event.
Blue team after their cheer. I think it was “We are blue & you smell like poo.”
Pattie, Hannah, Thomas, Kyrstin, Glen, Creed & Bruce.
The Yellow team doing their cheer:
Barbara, Michelle, Kevin, John, Harris & Richard.
Oh that noodle.
Louie, Mary Margaret, Sara, Anne & Sierra
John W., Harris, John L., Hayden & Kevin.
Go Blue!
Harris and John W. waiting to start.
I think Louise had a little regret about his choice to carry Cody down the arena and back on his back. He is not a feather that is for sure!
Pattie tossing some horseshoes.
Sara with her pile of cow patty.
Kyrstin had something to say to Barry.
Glen sporting his colors.
Cody, Bruce, Hannah, Pattie and Thomas.
Kathleen & Louie helping their team move that water.
Angela working with her team to move some water.
Louise talking about their victory with Cody.
Doug & Sara making plans for the goat dressing challenge.
Oh dear!
Richard & Barbara from the yellow team getting the job done.
The Yellow team – got the sportsmanship award and 3rd place.
The Blue team came in a proud 2nd.
The pink team were the champions.
Doug says “In your face!”
All the places were just off by 5 points each. It was a close Dudeo.