Last week we started our 2009 season with a bang. The first part of the week SVI/Tyson came out with a group for some team building. The groups were set up into three teams. Barry, Jason & Stark were their guides to help them to get to each challenge. The challenges ranged from the Speleo Box to shooting to climbing and everything in between. SVI also put together in the barn a secret maze which was quite challenging. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with SVI/Tyson and can’t wait to do it again. We were so happy the weather held out, no rain and nice temps.
The second half of the week the weather did come in and dropped down below freezing. We welcomed back the Gate’s family who brought their friends the Hechts. Josh & Jennifer who arrived at the same time were a bit surprised to see all the kids (9 between the two families and then add our four to that.). They had a great time and we hope that they will return again so we can ride without the snow blowing sideways against us.
I was not able to get any photos of the second half of the week because I was riding or trying to warm up. I do know the families took some good photos – SOOOO if you see this and want to shoot some photos our way we would love to share them on our blog.
Tim- I need him to come to our house to organize our chore
schedule for our kids. He did an incredible job scheduling their events down
to the last second.
Jason moving his group to the next challenge.
Barry’s group booking it to the tower building challenge.
Glen waiting for someone to use his wagon service.
Mischief was not much help. She just laid around watched.
Jason’s team headed for the Speleo Box and Secret Maze.
Jason helping Yale get through the box.
Mario cheering on his team mate in the Speleo Box.
Looks like Bishop is pretty comfortable hanging out with Larry.
The Secret Maze was created by SVI – it hurt my brain just watching people
figuring it out. It was H A R D.
Stark watching his team take the challenge. Rachael letting them know if they were
on the right track or not.
Working together.