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Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Wonder what happens during the winter months at Horseshoe Canyon?  Projects… Oh you mean what does the livestock do during the winter months?  Not much.  They get a well deserved break after a season of trail rides.  As you can see below, in the photos, the horses just kind of hang out and eat hay.


Thistle - hairy winter pony. She will be one in April. Time goes by so fast. It seems like we were just waiting for her to be born.




The goats are equally as busy  this time of the year with the exception of them “baking” more goats – they should start kidding in April.

Lisa is starting to show. She is known for having triplets.

We always have a few early kiddings - this little guy was a day old in the photo, born Jan. 23.

This little girl is his twin sister. I have never known a goat to have twins that looked just alike. It is not unusual for them to be born different colors.

Occasionally we have surprise kids - either from purchasing a goat that turns out to be pregnant, how this kids came about or from some unauthorized breeding of young buck/billies. Which we frown upon at Horseshoe Canyon.

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

2010 was a great year here at Horseshoe Canyon Guest ranch.  Here is a little recap on what went on with our family in the year 2010…


Creed is in love with Dodge Vipers.  One of his requests on his Christmas list was a Doge Viper tire.  Maybe he realizes getting the entire car is not going to happen, so asking for parts of the car is better.  Creed loves being outside and dirt/mud.  School can be a trial at times because you are required to sit still and concentrate on things that don’t interest you. J  We asked him what sport he wanted to do when he reached Jr. High and he said NASCAR.  Creed keeps us laughing.


Sierra is now in the 4th grade and reminds us a lot of Cameron when it comes to school work and sports – competitive.  She has found a love for basketball, which makes her Grandpa Johnson excited and hopeful for another basketball player in the family.  She also loves her horses and rides whenever there is a spare.  She also loves her dog Marlin, you will find him on her bed almost every night snuggled up next to her. I think the feeling is mutual.

CODY (13)

Over the summer Cody discovered a love for rock climbing. I think he eats, dreams and thinks about rock climbing more than anything else.  He was a big help this summer working along side of Jason in guiding guests.  He is a great host.  He has competed in a couple of bouldering competitions as well.  Cody hopes to participate in more of those as time goes on. Cody loves the outdoors.  If we would let him he would live on the ranch in his hammock.   He also runs x-country (a bit forced) and plays basketball (forced as well at first), he has been a great team member even though neither sport were his idea.  He entered the world of Jr. High this year and I think he likes it.


This year Cameron turned 16, what? I don’t’ see how this is possible and plan on investigating the situation because Barry and I are not old enough to have a 16 year old right?  Cameron has been running like crazy.  He attended the BYU x-country camp again for the 4th year in a row. Cameron did very well in both the state track meet (5th in the mile) and the state x-country meet (7th).    He also enjoys his academics and is awaiting his score from his first go at the ACT. Cameron, like Cody, was a big help around the ranch this year. He helped in the horse department taking out trail rides.  Occasionally you will also find him running the gift shop.


2010 – what did I do in 2010?  It flew by so fast, I do know that.  I headed out to Utah and ran the Wasatch Back of the Ragnar series, we were team Huffin & Puffin.  That was an interesting race – 12 runners, 188 miles and 24hrs +. Will I do it again?  Not so sure.  Barry gave me a new bow for my birthday, which I love and hate all at the same time (when the arrows don’t go where I tell them).  I was able to get a doe with it in October.  I am still serving in the Primary at church with some wonderful people.  The children are great and remind me of where I should be going in my life.


Barry stays busy managing and running the ranch.  It is not an unusual sight to see him guiding a trail ride one day and fixing a water heater the next.  I get tired watching him keep up with everything he does.  He is still serving as the Young Men’s President at church.  Barry and his father headed out to Dubious, WY this year and went bow hunting for elk.  They camped, hiked, hiked some more, camped and hiked and hiked.  Barry was able to harvest a young bull. They loved it so much they hope to make it back next year.


We had another good season at the ranch with a few changes here and there. One of the biggest changes is that Martha and Jerry, Barry’s parents, retired from the Ranch office and handling the reservations and we now have Jaime Chalmers doing that.  Jaime lives right up the road and she used to wrangle for us way back when.

So that was our 2010 in a nutshell.  We are looking forward to 2011 and what it might bring!

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Before Scott and Jennifer Hoover (wranglers) returned  to Utah, Scott needed to design something for his internship.  He thought for awhile and came up with the idea of designing another   Via feratta the build on the ranch.  This new via feratta is quite different from our first.  It is quite challenging and we think you are really going to love it when you try it out.

Scott and Jason getting right to work.

Building it was just as much as an adventure as doing the course.

Some of the photos you will need to click on to see exactly what you are looking at.

The Cable Bridge

Even the Johnson kids got in on some of the work.

There are a lot of eliminates on this course that are not shown.

The view from the Via Feratta

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Here we are in June, oh wait, I mean July.  Maybe it has gone by fast because of the great time we are having.

The steak cookout.

Scott over seeing the kid’s arena ride.

If you stay long enough you start to look like the locals.

We have enough berry’s on the ranch to keep you full all week!
Blackberries and raspberries galore.

All of the baby animals are growing up!  The puppies have been weaned and almost all of them are in their new homes.  Thistle is growing like a weed.  She is being halter broke and learning her manners daily.  The kids, of the four legged kind, have started doing their part in the brush cleaning department.


Jennifer loves her s'mores.


Friday, February 19th, 2010

During the off season at Horseshoe Canyon Guest Ranch we sometimes decide to take advantage of some of our local attractions, which we need to do more often.  We tend to get caught up in projects preparing for the next season.  We forget, for a moment, about what this beautiful Ozark area has to offer. Back in January  Jason, Aaron, Barry and myself decided to go hike Indian Creek Trail on the Buffalo National River.  It was extremely wet, muddy, and slick but it we still had a lot of fun.  The waterfalls were all flowing and the creeks and river were full.  Due to the weather, we had the place all to ourselves, all three miles.  It was one of the most beautiful hikes I have been on.  What a wonderful area we live in.